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Slow Cooker Enchilada Quinoa. Because I'll be on the quinoa enchilada casserole diet immediately upon returning home. It's a spin off of this popular recipe. But since we're heading into the Fall, let's dust off those slow cookers and put them to work.

Slow Cooker Enchilada Quinoa If you've ever made these Quinoa Tacos I shared last year then this slow cooker meal will taste very similar to you. You get all the Tex Mex flavors paired with nutritious quinoa and protein. Combine the quinoa, water, onion, garlic, red pepper, black beans, enchilada sauce, diced tomatoes, green chiles, corn, lime juice, cumin, chile powder, and cilantro in a slow cooker.

Surprisingly this is an easy recipe just subsequent to the extra ones. I think the hardest allocation is to locate the best ingredients as a result you can enjoy the appetizing Slow Cooker Enchilada Quinoa for your lunch with your friends or family. You can cook Slow Cooker Enchilada Quinoa using 17 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Slow Cooker Enchilada Quinoa

  1. You need 15 oz of can black beans, drained and rinsed.
  2. You need 15 oz of can yellow corn, drained and rinsed.
  3. Prepare 30 oz of can (2 cans) of mild or medium red enchilada sauce, divided.
  4. You need 15 oz of can of diced fire roasted tomatoes and green chiles.
  5. You need 1 cup of un-cooked quinoa.
  6. You need 1/2 cup of water or chicken stock.
  7. Prepare 4 oz of cream cheese (light or fat free is okay).
  8. It's 1 tsp of cumin.
  9. You need 1 tsp of garlic powder.
  10. Prepare of salt and pepper.
  11. It's 1 cup of shredded Mexican style cheese.
  12. Prepare 1 lb of browned ground beef, drained (optional).
  13. You need of Optional Toppings.
  14. It's 1 of sour cream.
  15. It's 1 of diced avocado.
  16. You need 1 of diced tomatoes.
  17. Prepare 1 of chopped cilantro.

Slow Cooker Enchilada Quinoa is like a healthier, deconstructed enchilada! Five EASY steps to a healthy, weeknight, flavorful. This is hands down my favorite thing to make in the slow cooker. How To Make Vegan Slow Cooker Chili.

Slow Cooker Enchilada Quinoa step by step

  1. Add beans, corn, 1 can of enchilada sauce, diced tomatoes and chiles, quinoa, water (or stock), cream cheese, salt and pepper to the slow cooker. Stir everything together. If you wanted a meated version, add your cooked ground beef (or pork, chicken, turkey) now. https://cookpad.com/us/recipes/350354-how-to-cook-quinoa.
  2. Pour remaining can of enchilada sauce on top, then sprinkle with shredded cheese. Cover and cook 4-5 hours on high or 5-7 hours on low..
  3. Uncover, top with favorite toppings (suggested tomatoes, avocados, sour cream, and chopped cilantro) and serve..

Prep your homemade enchilada sauce (more on that below) and vegetables. In the bowl of your slow cooker, add Add quinoa, enchilada sauce, water and lime. Stir all ingredients together until evenly distributed. Since he enjoyed this one pot enchilada pasta so much last time, I was hoping he would be on board with this Chicken Enchilada Quinoa Soup which I thought was Easy dump and forget it slow cooker meals like this have been a lifesaver lately while I'm on the last stages of finishing my manuscript. Now more than ever my body is craving all things comfort food.

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