Recipe: Appetizing Rich's Pasta Fagioli Soup

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Rich's Pasta Fagioli Soup. The BEST Pasta e Fagioli Soup! And yes, it's even better than Olive Garden's! This Italian style soup is loaded with hearty ground beef, fresh vegetables, creamy beans, tender pasta and delicious herbs all in a rich and savory broth.

Rich's Pasta Fagioli Soup I knew—and loved—this dish years before I knew how to spell it. Pasta Fagioli, aka pasta fazool (which is Neapolitan dialect for the standard Italian word for "beans"), is a peasant dish, a simple soup of pasta and beans and. This pasta fagioli from is a whole meal in a soup.

Yes, this is an easy recipe just considering the extra ones. I think the hardest share is to find the best ingredients so you can enjoy the delectable Rich's Pasta Fagioli Soup for your lunch with your friends or family. You can cook Rich's Pasta Fagioli Soup using 16 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Rich's Pasta Fagioli Soup

  1. Prepare 1 lb of Ground Beef.
  2. Prepare 1 lb of Ground Mild Italian Sausage.
  3. You need 1 tbsp of olive oil, extra virgin.
  4. Prepare 1 1/2 cup of Diced Red Onion.
  5. It's 1 1/2 cup of Shredded Carrots.
  6. Prepare 1 1/2 cup of Chopped Celery.
  7. It's 2 tbsp of Minced Garlic.
  8. It's 48 oz of Beef Stock.
  9. You need 30 oz of Canned Great Northern Beans.
  10. You need 30 oz of Canned Diced Tomatoes.
  11. Prepare 64 oz of V8 Vegetable Juice.
  12. You need 16 oz of Dry Ditalini Pasta.
  13. Prepare 5 pinch of Salt.
  14. It's 3 pinch of black pepper.
  15. It's 1 tbsp of Dried Italian Seasoning.
  16. You need 2 dash of Tabasco Sauce.

Traditionally this soup is made from dried beans, but we've opted for canned beans for ease. Not only can we be sure that canned beans are cooked perfectly every time, but in this recipe we're also using their canning liquid for added flavor. Pasta Fagioli Soup recipe is a classic Italian soup served at the Olive Garden restaurant. This Pasta Fagioli recipe is a hearty classic Italian soup that's comforting, and takes less than an hour!

Rich's Pasta Fagioli Soup step by step

  1. In a frying pan combine ground beef and ground sausage. Brown over medium heat until thoroughly cooked. Drain and set aside..
  2. In a large stock pot add olive oil, onion, celery, carrots and garlic. Heat over medium until onions are translucent..
  3. Add the set aside meat mixture to the same pot as the vegatable mix..
  4. Add all the remaining ingredients EXCEPT THE PASTA to the same pot as the meat and vegatables. Cover and let boil slowly for at least 45 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent burning on the bottom of the pot..
  5. Now add the dry pasta and replace cover. Let boil for around 10 minutes..
  6. Turn off heat, stir and serve!.

It's filled with veggies and spicy sausage meat cooked in a hearty and rich tomato broth. If you love rich, hearty soups, look no farther than this tasty Italian bean soup. I'm sure you've had it before… either your Nonna made it when you were a kid For this pasta fagioli, I recommend a spicy Italian sausage. Don't worry about it being too spicy, it's not overly so — just providing a good, steady. No this is not the olive garden's version of pasta e fagioli, this my friends is the real deal and much simpler in flavor and ingredients to whatever it is.

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