Easiest Way to Prepare Delicious Vegetable Soup With Hamburger Meat

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Vegetable Soup With Hamburger Meat.

Vegetable Soup With Hamburger Meat

Surprisingly this is an easy recipe just subsequently the other ones. I think the hardest part is to find the best ingredients hence you can enjoy the delicious Vegetable Soup With Hamburger Meat for your breakfast with your connections or family. You can have Vegetable Soup With Hamburger Meat using 10 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Vegetable Soup With Hamburger Meat

  1. Prepare of green beans.
  2. Prepare of hamburger meat.
  3. It's of of corn.
  4. Prepare of Potatoes.
  5. You need of of peas.
  6. It's of baby carrots.
  7. You need of of Tomato paste.
  8. It's of sliced, chopped, or whole tomatoes.
  9. It's of elbow macaroni (optional).
  10. Prepare of Salt and pepper to taste.

Vegetable Soup With Hamburger Meat instructions

  1. Peel potatoes and chop them into big chunks.
  2. Chop baby carrots into three chunks. One carrot will make three chunks.
  3. Rinse potatoes and carrots.
  4. In a large pot add potatoes and carrots. Cook until tender. About 30 mins.
  5. Add corn, green beans, peas and tomatoes.
  6. In another pot cook elbow macaroni until tinder. About 30 mins.
  7. Cook hamburger meat in a skillet. Cook until it's all brown..
  8. Drain meat and add to vegetables on the stove..
  9. Add tomato paste. Cook for about 20 mins. Stir occasionally. If not it will stick to bottom of pot..
  10. Drain elbow macaroni, you can add to soup or leave it in a bowl and add to the people that want it. Enjoy.

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