Recipe: Tasty Ground Beef Fried Rice

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Ground Beef Fried Rice.

Ground Beef Fried Rice

Yes, this is a simple recipe just afterward the other ones. I think the hardest allowance is to locate the best ingredients consequently you can enjoy the delicious Ground Beef Fried Rice for your dinner with your friends or family. You can cook Ground Beef Fried Rice using 13 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Ground Beef Fried Rice

  1. It's of soy sauce - divided.
  2. You need of worcestershire sauce.
  3. You need of oyster sauce.
  4. It's of ginger paste.
  5. It's of minced garlic.
  6. You need of sriracha.
  7. It's of toasted sesame oil.
  8. It's of lean ground beef.
  9. You need of small yellow onion - chopped.
  10. You need of frozen sweet peas.
  11. You need of butter.
  12. Prepare of cold cooked white rice.
  13. You need of large eggs - beaten (depends on how much you like).

Ground Beef Fried Rice instructions

  1. In a small bowl wisk together 2 tbs soy sauce with next 6 ingredients listed. Set aside..
  2. Heat a large deep sided skillet over medium high heat. Add ground beef crumble to cook. When beef is about half done (about 4 minutes in) stir in onion. Continue cooking, stirring occasionally until meat is fully browned. About 5 minutes more..
  3. When beef is cooked stir in frozen peas. Cook 2 minutes to heat peas, stirring frequently. Stir in sauce to coat everything. Cook 2 minutes more stirring constantly. Transfer beef mixture to a bowl. Set aside..
  4. Rinse skillet and bowl used for sauce. Beat eggs in bowl and set aside. Spray skillet generously with nonstick spray and return to stove over medium heat..
  5. Add butter to skillet. When melted stir in rice to coat with butter. Continue cooking rice until about 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly..
  6. Push rice out toward the edges of skillet to make an empty space in the center. Pour egg in center. Cook as if making scrambled egg without mixing into rice..
  7. When egg is cooked stir it and rice together. Add 2 tbs soy sauce stir to combine. Cook 2 minutes stirring constantly. Stir in ground beef mixture to combine thoroughly. Taste and adjust seasoning as desired. Enjoy!.

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